Woman Claims Resto Food As Her Own Cooking, Twitter Calls Her Out

The internet is a great place to share foodie moments and snapshots from our daily lives. We often see how our friends and family, and even bloggers and celebrities, are indulging in some delicious food. But one drawback of posting food pictures on the internet is that it is quite difficult to determine what is real and what is fake. Wondering what we mean? Let us explain. Recently, a Twitter user named @ImFrom_Paris shared a photograph of her plate filled with delicious food. She pretended that the food was cooked by her, when in fact, other Twitter users identified that it was from a popular fast-food chain. Take a look:

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The tweet shared on Sunday night has already raked in 9.3k likes and hundreds of comments. In her post, the Twitter user wrote that she was a great cook and would make a great wife someday. However, other users were quick to spot that the food was from a popular restaurant called Popeye’s. The fast-food eatery is known for its signature chicken sandwiches and delicious Cajun seasoning – both of which Twitter users were able to identify by seeing the original poster’s picture.

A number of reactions poured into the Twitter user’s claim that she had cooked that food when it was actually from Popeye’s. Several shared what actual home-cooked food looked like. Others also joined the fun by sharing pictures of KFC or McDonald’s food and passing it off as their own.

Take a look at the reactions to the post:

The fast-food chain Popeye’s too reacted to the picture. Rather than displaying anger on the Twitter user portraying the food as her own, they actually took it in good spirits. Check out their hilarious response here:

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