The Finance Couple gives clients a couple’s view on managing finances

Wynne and Tim Curran counsel their clients together. Wynne is an LPL Financial Advisor, and Tim is a Certified Financial Planner.

When Tim and Wynne Curran pledged to be husband and wife 25 years ago, they couldn’t have known that their marriage vows would also become their business plan.

Life partners, they are also business partners.

For richer and for poorer? As independent financial planners, they worry about their clients’ resources rather than their own.

The Currans named their business The Finance Couple, and they provide investment management, retirement planning and advise clients on issues such as tax planning and Social Security.

Their relationship provides a unique perspective. “Apparently, men and women are different,” Tim Curran says, wryly.

“I honestly had no idea how helpful it would be, having a man and a woman who can look at things differently.”

The majority of their clients are couples, most nearing retirement.

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