The 4,000 Year Old Greek Food That Changed Cooking Forever

The souvlaki we know today was released to the Ancient Greeks as an “obelisk”, which is a derivative of the word “obelos” which indicates “spit.” The identify is rather literal in the simple fact that, as it is nowadays, the historic souvlaki was served skewered lengthwise both on its individual or stuffed inside a slice of bread. Imagine your modern-day pita pocket (via Athens Insiders). Many references to this cooking process can be found in historical texts, like Homer’s Iliad, in which we meet up with Achilles cooking some meat about the flames. 

The historic Greeks had been among the the very first people today identified to prepare dinner meat in this way. According to Greek Reporter, archeologists have uncovered proof of historic grills that ended up utilised to make souvlaki. They consisted of two ceramic left and right sides, which established a channel that the coals would be shoveled into. The skewered meat would then relaxation straddled across the two sides, the heat from the coals cooking the slices immediately and effectively. 

What the grills show is that the Greeks experienced designed an totally new approach of cooking that was far eradicated from the boiling strategies of the before eras. What is much more, historical writings reveal that the approach persisted and remodeled. Thermopolia, grill carts, were popular sights at Greek markets. So, not only did the Historical Greeks pioneer the strategy of grilling, but they assisted develop the ancient origins of speedy food items, a strategy that has helped form our contemporary food stuff structure. 

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