As is the tradition, at the finish of every calendar year, we seem again on the subjects that were of the most desire to our listeners and readers. This year we are switching it up to the leading subject areas I uncovered most interesting


As a futurist, it’s my job to appear ahead — so every single yr, I protect the rising tech traits that will be shaping our electronic globe in the upcoming 12 months.

What systems are getting the most traction? What are the most essential tendencies that business enterprise leaders need


Bedrooms often are the last places a homeowner considers when renovating their home, seeing these rooms more for utility than potential beauty. But making smart changes through large and small improvements can turn an everyday bedroom into a place where you can rest, recharge and become the best version of

  • Chef Scotty Scott does catering, makes cooking videos, and just wrote his first cookbook.
  • His recipes put a twist on the classics, featuring dishes like chicken with sweet potato waffles and maple bourbon sauce.
  • He shares how food and cooking can be a memorable experience.

Chef Scotty Scott curates experiences