While we might not know what New Year’s resolution our favorite chefs are making, it is fun to know what they think will be trending in kitchens as we enter the new year. From popular ingredients to bringing more tableside presentations into the dining


On a cold, sunny working day in December, I built my way from Higher Manhattan to downtown Brooklyn. I was on a hunt for Xmas items with that means. I pulled my vacant bag towards my coat as I walked toward a retail outlet where by I’d uncover readable, edible


Looking back at our favorite cookbooks of the year, their depth and scope is impressive. Among the authors are chefs, home cooks, photographers, bloggers and other storytellers. They shine a light on the best of what cookbooks can be. The top picks of the Los Angeles Times Food writers and


Lots of people know Tonya Hopkins (“The Food Griot”) for what she has finished all over her vocation to uplift and acknowledge Black culinary talents and traditions, whether or not via the

sous vide packed meat

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It’s practically a warranty that at least a few of you will get sous vide products as a present this holiday getaway time (they make fantastic presents, by the way). And a large amount of you are most likely rolling your eyes at the

Illustration of the back of a smart phone with a knife and fork on either side of the camera lens, as if the lens were a plate.

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Dishes that are an aggressive mash-up of international flavors — like sashimi tostadas and tandoori spaghetti — will hit cafe menus in 2023, a design that’s been dubbed “chaos cooking,” food items prognosticators say.

  • All those concoctions will stay or die relying on how very well they