Richard Karn Will Not Be Getting Into The NFT Game After All

Anyone who’s anybody is getting into NFTs: Ozzy Osbourne, Eminem, Melania, her husband’s former henchman Michael Cohen. But there have been some hold-outs. Ambient music pioneer Brian Eno claimed that expensive and easily reproducible jpegs that did unimaginable harm to the environment were for “hustlers.” They sent Keanu Reeves into a belly laugh. Now they have another skeptic: The guy who played Al Borland on Home Improvement.

Granted, Richard Karn — who also spent a handful of seasons hosting Family Feud in the aughts — wasn’t always wary of NFTs. He was for ‘em before he was against ‘em. On Monday, the actor and game show host revealed he was hopping on the non-fungible token band wagon. He was partnering, he said, with “Superfandom,” a company that helps celebrities design personalized NFTs and make a couple bucks. Some lucky winners wouldn’t just win digital tokens; some would also to chat on the phone, play golf, or join in a game of Family Feud over Zoom.

Alas, Karn had a change of heart.

“I’ve thought long and hard about NFT’s and I’ve decided it’s not something I need to do,” Karn tweeted alongside a photo of him sitting at what looked like a cozy bar or restaurant, an empty drink in front of him and a big smile on his face.

What changed his mind? Was is that latest South Park movie, in which Middle-Aged Butters is revealed to be an NFT hustler so dangerous he had to be locked up? Did he hear about Damon Albarn being trashed for being an environmentalist who nonetheless sold environment-destroying Gorillaz NFTs? Did he realize they’re kind of stupid? He didn’t say, but maybe he didn’t have to. After all, Al was always the more sensible Tool Time talker.

(Via The AV Club)

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