That said, perfection is part of what these characters strive for. For Eugénie, Tran said, “if it’s on the table, it means that you did it right at every moment.”

Some food movies have inevitably resorted to compromises. In an interview, Campbell Scott recalled that during the making of “Big


As a fashion editor, I often get asked by friends and family for advice on where to buy specific items. Sometimes they’re the more trending styles, like the best place to find colourful trainers, or the where to start when investing in a designer handbag, but it might surprise you


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The Arnold Schwarzenegger film, The Terminator, is about “a world where an artificially intelligent defense network known as Skynet has become self-aware and has conquered humanity,” according to the entertainment journal, Variety. The film was made 40 years ago in 1984 when Artificial Intelligence [AI] was fantasy, at best. Get