Never DIY these 7 projects

Consider a home improvement project if you want to increase your home’s retail value. Something as simple as repainting your front door can add a few thousand dollars to the final sale. But be careful!

It might sound strange, but owning your home doesn’t make you the king or queen of it. You’re still subject to zoning laws, OSHA regulations and so on. Tap or click here for five simple ways to boost your home’s value.

So be careful when planning home improvement projects, especially if you’re a do-it-yourselfer. Not all projects are legal to do yourself. Do any of these seven projects, and you might get slammed with a hefty fine or, worse, a court case!

Avoid these illegal home improvements at all costs

Certain DIY projects can put your whole neighborhood in danger. You might even take down everyone’s electricity. To avoid becoming a suburban supervillain, don’t do any of these projects:

  1. Don’t replace an electrical panel: You could kill someone. Unlicensed contractors and cheap homeowners have tried this before — to disastrous consequences. It’s easy to make a deadly mistake, so hire a licensed electrician.
  2. Don’t mess with septic systems: Never pump or siphon a septic system yourself. You could send human waste into a yard or local water supply. Spend a few hundred dollars to hire a professional instead. Otherwise, it’s a human health violation.
  3. Don’t build your deck: A single mistake could be deadly. Your structure could fall and kill someone.
  4. Don’t cut down huge trees: In some states, it’s illegal to cut down large trees without certification. Contact officials or an arborist to get the job done properly if you want to cut down huge trees on your property. Find out your state’s tree removal regulations here.
  5. Don’t convert your electric stove to a gas stove: One mistake could kill you. You need to install a gas line and cut off electrical circuits to convert your stove. You need a permit and a professional.
  6. Don’t install a water heater: Never do this yourself. You could die from carbon monoxide poisoning or electrocution.
  7. Don’t take down walls: You can’t just take a sledgehammer or an ax to your walls. Some are supporting your roof. If you knock down one of these supportive walls, your roof could collapse.

Maybe you saw something you wanted to do on this list. Don’t give up hope. Just hire a professional!

How to find the right contractor for the job

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