Internet Backs Wife Who Refuses to Cook After Husband Binned Her ‘Horrible’ Asian Cooking

A wife has received widespread support online after she refused to cook for her husband anymore, after he binned her “horrible” Asian cooking.

In a Reddit post, which has amassed 11,000 upvotes since being shared on Sunday, the woman revealed she and her partner had been married for a few months, after a long-distance relationship.

While she didn’t specify where they’re currently based, she revealed her spouse is American while her family is originally from Asia, and her husband and his in-laws have only met a handful of times.

When her relatives visit she always whips up a feast of their home-cooked favorites, much to her husband’s disapproval, although she stated she always offers to include his favorite meals in the spread as well.

In a lengthy post on the social media site’s Am I The A****** forum, @Throwar563577 wrote: “He’d usually sit with them at the table out of politeness but only eats appetizers and salads and nothing else.

“He also complains that I keep leftovers for days later and I don’t cook til leftovers are consumed by me of course while he eats fast food.”

With a family visit scheduled, she cooked up a storm, but they had to cancel last-minute which she said was “fine.”

But her husband was less than pleased, as she wrote: “Everything cooked was placed in the fridge. I told my husband and he wasn’t thrilled and said ‘great now who’s going to eat all that unwanted food.’

“He asked when I’m going to cook and I said til the fridge is empty and there is no leftovers left. He made a face and blurted he won’t eat fast food for the next few days as well.”

She thought nothing more of the comment, but noticed her 31-year-old husband took the trash out earlier than usual.

And when she went to grab a carton of milk out the fridge she saw why, as the shelves were all but empty save for one container.

She demanded to know why her husband had thrown out all her home-cooked meals, saying: “I immediately confronted him and he said the food smelled ‘funny’ and there was one container that smelled kinda fine and so he left it alone and threw everything else away. I blew up on him calling him nuts and unreasonable to throw away edible food and let it go to waste just because he wanted me to cook fresh meals that he likes.

“He argued that I shouldn’t be cooking my family their favorite food everytime and should just have them eat what we usually eat and said that he was so tired of eating fast food til I’m ready to cook again. I told him I won’t be cooking again after this stunt and that he needed to deal with it after throwing away money and energy I spent on the food he threw away.

“He said I can’t blame him because my family chose to not come and that they were the ones who wasted my efforts. I refused to argue further after I said he could’ve told me so I could send the food to my family instead of throwing it away. He apologized but only for not asking me first but he still says I went overboard by saying I won’t cook for him again.”

She followed up by clarifying: “I learned to cook his favorite meals but he never [has] been open to try and cook by himself saying it’s never gonna work and he’ll never make a single decent dish. He said cooking just isn’t his thing and called it lost cause.”

In the comments, she clarified her husband “handles other chores” and she does the cooking, claiming “he doesn’t know how to cook.”

Referring to her traditional food, she added: “He tried some of it but said it’s horrible and told me to stop forcing him to eat stuff like that again. It’s offensive to be honest but I get that everyone is different when it comes to food.”

She said he claims he “loses his appetite after he sees the traditional dishes I prepare for my family,” saying it makes him “nauseous.”

“We’re originally from Asia and my husband isn’t a big fan of seafood. No allergies though. Nothing of that sort. He just doesn’t like the traditional meals I cook for when they visit,” she said.

Her post has sparked an outpouring of support on the site, as Classic-Tomatillo-64 said: “I bet he could feed himself if you didn’t cook for him. An adult not being able to feed themselves is bull****. NTA but please don’t go back to feeding this entitled a*** when he behaves like a spoilt brat.”

LatteLove35 pointed out: “100 percent, Americanized Asian food is different. If he doesn’t like it that’s on him, it’s completely disrespectful of him to throw it out like that not to mention a waste of time and money.”

Seabirding commented: “‘Not knowing’ how to cook is an excuse. Any literate and able bodied adult is capable of googling ‘burger recipe’ and following the instructions.”

Badger-of-Horrors added: “Then he needs to learn. A child can make Mac and cheese. He is using weaponized incompetence to get his way.”

“Seriously? He can’t even boil or bake a potato? That’s next level pathetic,” Tragicworldrecord added.

An article published by Pew Research Center in 2015 study, albeit focused on parents, discussed in-depth the gender split.

Published in 2015, it stated: “Mothers and fathers in two-parent households differ in their perceptions of how they split certain responsibilities. The gap is especially pronounced when it comes to household chores and responsibilities. Half of mothers in two-parent households say they do more than their partners in this area, compared with 32 percent of fathers who say their wives or partners do more.”

Newsweek reached out to Throwar563577 for comment.

File photo of woman cooking.
File photo of woman cooking. The internet has backed a wife who is refusing to cook after her husband binned her home-cooked Asian food.
Getty Images/Ran Kyu Park

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