German-Engineered Beachy Travel Trailer Sports Affordable and Adventurous Living

The travel trailer in question here today is simply known as the Beachy, an RV from a very well-established German manufacturer, Hobby Caravan (HC). Yes, the same HC with over 50 years of experience in this industry.

It all began in 1967 when engineer Harald Striewski put his knowledge to work and pushed out a product that would eventually lead to 54 different models of caravans or trailers and 21 different types of motorhomes, including over-cab structures and vans.

As for the Beachy, this trailer is designed as a “symbiosis” between a camper van and the original home-made Hobby caravan that was ever unveiled. It’s designed to be compact, attractive, and capable. Oh, did I mention that there are three different floorplans to choose from?

The three floorplans that are available suit either two adults and one child, or two adults and two children, possibly three kids. However, there are a few features that are available to all, so I’ll stick to those in order to get a clear idea of what to expect from your mobile home.

One feature that HC takes pride in including in each Beachy is that of two entrances into the trailer, one side entry, and one rear entry. The latter lines up perfectly with the bedding and allow groggy rise-and-shiners to witness beautiful sunrises or sunsets with their heads still resting on their pillows.

Speaking of sleeping areas, lateral dinette booths line the rear of the trailer, and when sleeping is desired, two tables drop to form a surface on which to unfold the booth padding, creating, as I mentioned, a sleeping area fit for a family up to five.

To ensure that life goes on while on the road, another feature owners will be happy to find is an interior kitchen or galley. At the front of the trailer, owners will be able to use a sink, have room for a cooktop, and plenty of space to prepare meals. Overhead storage includes up to four areas where utensils, food stuff, and other knick-knacks can be stored while in transit.

Speaking of storage, most of one entire wall is lined with shelves, suitable for things like clothing, toys, and any other off-grid gear you may need while on your travels. Optional storage, in case you’ve got, have those cocktail umbrellas, can be achieved with a drawbar storage box.

However, I would personally use that storage box to equip this travel trailer with some sort of electrical system powered by solar energy. Sure, there’s an electrical system that offers lighting, USB and other outlets, all powered via a hookup to a campsite power outlet, but a battery system can be included as well.

Like most other RV manufacturers around, Hobby Caravan, too, offers their future clients an array of options to add to their mobile home. I already informed you about the storage box, but a side awning, Porta Potti, and possibly even that solar setup are available. After all, it’s in any RV manufacturers interest to milk the money cow.

Maybe this trailer has sparked some interest. If it has, you’ll probably want to know the price. Well, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that you’ll most likely need to use a middleman (dealership) to acquire a Beachy, but the good news is that some models have been reported as coming in with a price tag of just €12,000 ($14,168 at current exchange rates).

Considering that for an extra $5k you can really equip the Beachy with all kinds of systems and gear, it’s really a travel trailer to consider for your next acquisition. Happy travels from autoevolution.

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