Cornell University researchers have created an interface that allows users to handwrite and sketch within computer code – a challenge to conventional coding, which typically relies on typing.

The pen-based interface, called Notate, lets users of computational, digital notebooks open drawing canvases and handwrite diagrams within lines of traditional, digitized


As a futurist, it’s my job to appear ahead — so every single yr, I protect the rising tech traits that will be shaping our electronic globe in the upcoming 12 months.

What systems are getting the most traction? What are the most essential tendencies that business enterprise leaders need


• Physics 15, 175

Quantum circuits still can’t outperform classical ones when simulating molecules.

E. Lucero/Google

Get real. The Sycamore chip made by Google, comprising 53 quantum bits, has been used to explore “quantum advantage”: a performance in quantum computation that exceeds anything possible on classical computers.