2022 was a transformative year for technological innovation and digital transformation. The trend will continue as the pace of innovation and


Research performed at the Paul Scherrer Institute, working with the Swiss Gentle Source, has helped reach a important turning place in innovating computer system know-how. 

Since the initially transistor was invented in 1947, silicon has been a important staple in personal computer technology. Scientists have normally imagined


In the past, tech companies used their internship programs to recruit promising job candidates, extending offers to many students to return as full-time employees after graduation. But this year, those opportunities are shrinking.


As a graduate student doing his master’s thesis on speech recognition at the MIT AI Lab (now the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), Dan Huttenlocher worked closely with Professor Victor Zue. Well known for pioneering the development of systems that enable an user to interact with computers using

Light beams travel through a dark background.

An inventive representation of the quantum-teleportation experiment. Credit history: inqnet/A. Mueller (Caltech)

Physicists have utilised a quantum laptop or computer to accomplish a new variety of quantum teleportation, the capacity to transportation quantum states concerning distant sites, as though facts could vacation quickly. Despite the fact that teleportation is an