“If you can show that the networking hardware either presents novel features or is improved by the invention to become a more effective tool, you may overcome a Section 101 rejection.”

Technologies such as computer networking, which, unlike software inventions, typically incorporate at least some hardware elements, may be less


But perhaps what brains and computers do is fundamentally the same, even if the architecture is different. “What the brain seems to be doing is quite aptly described as information processing,” says Megan Peters, a cognitive scientist at the University of California, Irvine. “The brain takes spikes [brief bursts of


Yelena Yesha has been appointed the first Knight Chair of the Institute for Data Science and Computing (IDSC) at the University of Miami. “She is the perfect fit because she also has the expertise in translating data science into computer applications to solve real-world problems,” said IDSC founding director Nicholas  

Deep learning, the artificial-intelligence technology that powers voice assistants, autonomous cars, and Go champions, relies on complicated “neural network” software arranged in layers. A deep-learning system can live on a single computer, but the biggest ones are spread over thousands of machines wired together into “clusters,” which sometimes live at