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Brandon Jaquis - Warburton Capital Management


There is no end to the constant stream of data flooding our minds these days.

Our phone, laptop, television and tablets are always keeping us up to date, even on topics we don’t care about.

One topic we all care about, at some level, is personal finance.

With an abundance of resources on the topic, you may think you can DIY investing and your financial future, but before you buy up this week’s hot stock, think about these reasons to hire a financial planning professional.

Alleviating stress: Hiring an adviser allows you to outsource the critical work of establishing a comprehensive financial plan, putting it into motion, and maintaining discipline. It may also lift a burden on your time.

A prudent and qualified financial adviser will track the performance of your investments and understand your unique financial goals, so you don’t have to constantly watch financial news or worry about what will happen to your assets in the event of death or disability.

Improved investor experience: Advisers help investors stay invested purposefully during times of increased market volatility.

When you stay invested in accordance with your plan over the long run, you reduce transaction costs that erode investment returns and increase the probability of capturing market upswings.

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