Amazon opens its first fashion store in Los Angeles

Amazon opens its first brick-and-mortar fashion store today at The Americana at Brand, a shopping complex in Glendale, California. Announced earlier this year, the physical retail experience is described as a mix of Amazon Style app-based interactions, in-store styling-and-fitting services, online-to-IRL try-ons, and Amazon One palm-recognition-based checkouts—a blend of data-driven technology that makes the customer journey unique in the fashion space.

According to early reports, shoppers at the 30,000-square-foot store have the option to browse through the Amazon Style app and try their selections on in one of many fitting rooms—each equipped with touchscreens to instantly summon more styles, SKUs, and size options.

Alternatively, guests can browse the rails, where they’ll scan item QR codes to have select sizes and colorways delivered directly to the fitting rooms—which are assigned and unlocked with the app. When the customer arrives at the room to try on clothes, their selections, along with additional Amazon algorithm-selected suggestions, will be ready and waiting.

“I’ve spent many years talking to retailers about what sells and what doesn’t, and the pain points are nearly always the same for customers,” Sally Singer, head of Amazon fashion direction, said in a recent in-house interview. “They want to know why something has value and why they should invest in it.

“I think the real challenge at Amazon,” she continued, “is to add storytelling and humanity to the storefront that most people think of as strictly utilitarian. Shopping on Amazon can become a habit, and it’s meant to be efficient; but we also want to make Amazon Fashion a place of discovery, where customers can experience a sense of pleasure, security, and all of the other feelings fashion can bring about.”

In addition to trying on in-stock items, customers can request to have their online fashion purchases delivered directly to the Amazon Style store to try on in one of the company’s high-tech fitting rooms. Returns can also be processed directly in store, saving shoppers a trip to the post office.

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